Conoce la historia de de una de las bodegas más emblemáticas de la Denominación de Origen Cigales, la Bodega Remigio de Salas Jalón.

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It is said that this adventure began in 1737. The history of one of the most emblematic wineries in Cigales Designation of Origin, the Remigio de Salas Jalón Winery.

A paradise for wine lovers because of its unusual construction: a set of underground naves hidden at locality of Dueñas, Palencia.

Thanks to strong passion of this family in love with wine made with grape, it is preserved on of the best vineyard fields in Castile and Leon, both its quality and fruit variety.

Moreover, it is believed that is one of the greatest plantations in the country still preserved.

And with great effort, Las Luceras reaches our hands. A wine collection exclusively prepared with own vineyards and to which winery has achieved – nationally and internationally – a great success in the last few years.

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For Remigio de Salas Jalón Winery each vineyard has it individual history and features.

Our journey has been long and wide, given that our attitude to find the most special of our soil, we are able to enjoy a fine quality own vineyards: A complex of 89 hectares, of which an 80% is a very old vineyard, planted before phylloxera.

We mainly find varieties like tempranillo or tinto del país, black garnacha, albillo, jerez and verdejo. All implanted by hand, after purchase American cuttings at Oenology University of Palencia in 1917.

Remaining vineyard was planted in the late 80s with a selection of the best vines of old vineyards. Grapevines rich in history, lovingly and carefully attended by experience and hands of many harvesters.

Here we’ll find chalky soil where have resurfaced elegant wines from Cerrato – wine region par excellence with a brilliant past – apart from pebble soil due to remains of River Pisuerga.

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